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Welcome to Lisadan contract chef and butler for the Hampton's and east end of Long Island. We specialize in both fine and casual dining for small lunch or dinner parties of up to 20 people in your home and canapé parties up to 100 guests. Contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you.



We thought about this page being basically a resume for the both of us, a work history but decided instead to give you an idea of how a couple from Australia ended up here in New York, I wanted to make it more personal as we are potentially seeking to be invited into your home… well just the kitchen.


Lisa and I met at a  restaurant in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, called Sean’s Panaroma, an institution of the Australian restaurant industry. Lisa at the time was Head Chef and running the kitchen under the owner and Chef Sean Moran, her mentor and to this day dear friend. We were both in the middle of a pretty successful restaurant and hospitality career, I had been working privately as a Personal Assistant and Butler to a prominent Australian businessman. We loved our jobs but, as one often is at a young age, always open to new experiences.


We were asked to cater for a luncheon in one of Sydney’s iconic homes on the Northern Beaches, Lisa had been recommended to the family staying there and together were able to sufficiently impress with a four course menu that after the meal we were offered to come and work privately for the family in both their Sydney and New York homes.


The opportunity for a couple from Australia to travel the world while doing what we love, to see New York City and experience the beauty of the East End of Long Island, discovering and supporting the local businesses, farmers, cheese makers, fruit growers. The wine makers the brewers the restaurants , all of it a culinary paradise.


That was 2004, how time fly’s, forever grateful, we still have a strong relationship with the family that brought us here, we are still in touch with our land down under, we have a gorgeous son and love living here and appreciate everyone of the friendships and business relationships we’ve made over the years.


We started Lisadan out of the passion for food and love of cooking  we both have and we hope to share that with you.


Dan and Lisa


ph: 631 702 5563 e:

ph: 631 702 5563 e: